Welcome to Ranch Acres Baptist Church
God's Good News Church !

As the senior pastor, let me offer to you a heartfelt welcome to the Ranch Acres Baptist Church website—the Good News Baptist Church  family’s website!  It is our hope that it is easy to use, informative and inviting.

Our website can tell you many things about our congregational family.  There is some information that is not obvious on our website:

  • The love and passion that the staff, deacons, and congregation has for:
    • Jesus Christ
    • His Holy Word the Bible, and for
    • Telling as many people as possible about God’s love for them 
  • The godly love that this congregation has for one another
  • Traditional services – singing mainly hymns with some choruses
  • Church is debt-free (no constant pleas for giving)
  • Attractive auditorium in which to worship
  • Three wings comprised of spacious rooms for Bible Study
  • Passionate preaching from God’s Word

If you are looking for an assembly of believers who desire for Jesus Christ to live His live and faith through their lives, and desire to go to a worship service where you will feel as though you are truly meeting with God, you have found the right congregation.